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D-SERIES CANOLA HYBRIDS: What great yields are made of.

Built on DuPont Pioneer genetics, backed by DuPont service, these top-performing hybrids deliver high yield potential, exceptional standability and harvestability. For 2015, dependable canola performance starts with the letter D.

What do you look for in a canola hybrid? Many growers want high yield potential first and foremost, along with an agronomic package that suits how they like to farm. They also want qualified advice to get the most out of their canola crop and agronomic support throughout the growing season.

Put it all together and you’ll see why D-Series canola hybrids have emerged as a favorite of so many growers in Western Canada. 

What's new? D3155C!
Do you want to defend your canola against disease, without compromising on yield? Then D3155C is for you. New for 2015, this D-Series hybrid delivers high yield with clubroot resistance all in one package. 

Protect your seed!
DuPont™ Lumiderm™ insecticide seed treatment is available on all D-Series canola hybrids.  Lumiderm™ provides improved consistency of flea beetle control and excellent control of cutworms. It’s part of the standard seed treatment package – with Helix® Vibrance® – on Pioneer® brand D3153, D3154S and NEW D3155C. See Lumiderm™ in action here. 

Save big.
Ask your retailer how your purchase of D-Series canola hybrids can unlock BIG savings through the 2015 DuPont™ FarmCare® Connect Grower Program. Visit the FarmCare® Connect pages for all the details.